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    iPhone 4, Google Drive, google Docs
    Is there any way of attaching a document on google drive or Docs from within the Mail application?

    I know you can share from within Drive & Docs, but seemingly not when trying to reply to an email.

    Any ideas please?

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    iPhone 4, Google Drive, google Docs
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    You can grab the link to the document and share that people but they must be collaborators to be able to use it and the only way of doing that is to Share the document from within Drive which means they have the link anyway, so sending it separately in another email seems moot..

    So, you have to Share the document from within Drive, which sends an email and then you can optionally grab the link while you are there and provide that in your reply within the Main application as well or just refer to the the other email the recipient should be getting from Google..

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    Ok thanks... That's how I do it now.

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