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    remove password requirement for 8.0
    How can I remove the requirement for the password when I turn on the ipad or leave it quiet for more than 4 hours. I use it only at home at do not need a password

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    remove password requirement for 8.0
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    Feb 21, 2010
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    Settings>General>Passcode-Lock>Off (you need to enter passcode to turn off)

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    I am talking about 8 not 7. I could turn it off in 7 but not 8

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    remove password requirement for 8.0
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    Member RustProofCom gave you the correct information. You go to settings, passcode, enter your passcode, and then select "turn pass code off". Are you not seeing that?

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    Great news! There's about to be a very stealable and hackable iPad coming available!

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    Duh, must have been a dumb day for me. Now I see it. Thanks

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