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Thread: Restore problem

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    Restore problem
    After installing ios6 on my ipod touch a picture appeared telling me to connect to iTunes. Having done that a box came up on itunes saying that it had detected an iPod in recovery. and that I would need to restore. I pressed restore and then it said unable to restore. unknown error 3014.

    Has anyone else had this problem or does anybody know what's going on?


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    Restore problem
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    Have you got enough space on your hard drive? Was your iPod Jailbroken?
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    I'm sure I had about 1gb left and no, nothing has been done to the iPod.
    I have asked for a call from Apple today, perhaps they will be able to sort it out.
    If it turns out that there was not enough space on the Hard drive and that has caused the problem, how do you get out of the situation?


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