Hi. I have a 3g iPod Classic with 80GB drive, sw version 1.3. Almost 63GB are used for music and I manage content with iTunes v9. There is >5GB of free space on that drive.

I use my iPod mostly in my car. I have a Mini Cooper with the 1st gen Mini iPod interface. That iPod interface for the Mini is limited in that it will not recognize all of the GB of music on my iPod. So, years ago, I started to create multiple iPod playlists of several hundred songs using the iTunes DJ tool to pick out random songs. I'd copy those songs in 100-count increments to one or more playlists, take my iPod to my Mini, and my Mini iPod interface would recognize the smaller quantity of songs in those playlists and I would have hours of enjoyment listening to those songs.

However, about 4 months ago, I added several GB of new music to this iPod. After, I went through the same steps to create the playlists of the same number of songs. But, when I listen to those playlists in my car, the number of songs that will play from that playlist is limited -- 100-200, not really sure. The iPod will finish playing a song in the playlist and then start to play the songs in the iPod general collection in alphabetical order. I cannot get the iPod to play all the way through the entire playlist.

I have changed nothing in my car -- no firmware updates to the radio/iPod interface. The only 2 things I think have changed on my iPod are 1) iTunes has been updated, but I'm not sure that has anything to do with it, and 2) I added a few GB of additional music, which would have lessened the amount of free disk space (now about 5GB).

Any ideas?