Ok, here is my situation....

I was given an iPhone that was broken a few months ago. The screen on the phone would only show white. So I tried doing some resets to see if that was the problem, well it wasnt. So i ordered an LCD online. Once the LCD came in I installed it in to the iPhone. Once the screen was in the iPhone did not come on at first. After about 20 minutes of checking connections it just started to work. So I thought I was golden, yay right.

So the phone worked for 2 days. Then one time I went to use the phone and the screen would not come on, but the phone would still vibrate while going into silent mode and would still ring when someone called. So i figured it was the LCD connection. Took the phone apart and the connection was fine. Once again after about 30 minutes of checking the phone it started to work again.

Once again 3 days later it went black again. So instead of taking the phone apart I Googled "black screen". I found out this was a problem with alot of people and found out you could do the two buttom resest. I tried this and the screen came back to life but would not leave the apple screen, ever. So I searched this, and found out the phone was going into recovery mode and needed to hook into iTunes and do a restore. Once I did this it fixed the phone.

But now I am in a pattern of screen going black, then needing to do a system restore every few days.

I think i have elimated a bad connection considering the last few times I havenet had to take the phone apart for the screen to come back on. So I am guessing this is either a software problem or the phone is jacked.


ps. The phone does not have a warranty and I am using the phone without a data package so I cant talk with Apple or At&t