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    Question suggest calendar app for wife that allows her to color coordinate things
    My wife uses an old Palm. I got her an IPOD Touch, but she doesn't use it yet because the Calendar that comes with it doesn't allow her to color coordinate her schedule. I have searched through the apps and know that there are a lot of choices. Need one that is fairly simple and allows her to color coordinate items of her choosing. Anyone use one like this or can suggest one for me to buy?

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    You can color-coordinate events in iCal, you might have to do it from the computer first though. Then sync it to the iPod.

    EDIT: Or, if she doesn't like iCal, you can always try out Things. It's a FANTASTIC application that also has an iPod application to sync with the desktop version. Unfortunately, the iPod app isn't free, I believe it's around $10 and the desktop app is about $50. However, I think they are worth the price.

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    Thanks. iCal only colors different calendars, right? It does'nt give you the option of choosing a color for a certain event, does it? If it does, that would be great. Anyone walk me through that if it does?

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    Well, I'm not that well experienced with iCal, but if I run it and create a new event or whatever, it appears in the left pane. Then I can right click on it and choose "Get Info" and it will allow me to choose a different color from there.

    Does this help?

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    Tried that, but under get info, it only allows you to pick a color solely on the calendar you choose. She would have to have a different calendar for every type of event she wanted.

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    Ohh ok, I got confused between the calendars and events.

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