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    Voicemail problem on new iPhone

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    Voicemail problem on new iPhone
    I just got a new i-Phone 3G (my first i-phone, and a gift from my husband) and I can't seem to access my voicemail messages. When I press the voicemail icon, there is usually no response whatsoever.

    Occasionally, voicemail is called and messages may or may not be played. Sometimes there is a message that voicemail is not available (or something like that). Sometimes it automatically starts dialing the number of the person who left the message.

    I have set up my voicemail system, and people have called me and been able to leave messages - I just cannot consistently retrieve them, and I don't know why! I checked the print material that came with the phone and cannot find anything that addresses this problem. I have had other types of cell phones and never had trouble with voicemail before.

    My husband has never used an i-phone, so he is no help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!!

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    Voicemail problem on new iPhone
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    Have you contacted your phone service provider - can't imagine you would be the first that had that issue.

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    Voicemail problem on new iPhone
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    Was this an upgrade from a different device or a new contract purchase. You may need to call your Service provider and have them reset your voicmail box or if you switched deviced, add the correct voicemail feature. I had a Blackberry Bold and moved to the iPhone just recently and I had the same issues. When I called AT&T they advised that I had the incorrect voicemail feature/setup.

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    the iphones use a totally separate voice mail platform from all the other types of phones on the ATT network. Thats why you have not had any problems with your other phones

    I believe they have been having lots of problems over the last few months. Not all iPhone customers are affected.

    best to call ATT and complain and see if you can get some type of credit


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