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    Question Iphone 3g Mail setup
    I'm a new to Mac-forums and I'm trying to find out how the Mail icon setup works. If I use that to setup my gmail and hotmail with the $30 AT&T data plan will I be charged extra? Is it considered a push email. Please help.


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    Iphone 3g Mail setup
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    Mods note: Moved to correct forum.

    OP: If you have one of the mandatory AT&T iPhone plans, you can setup GMail with the iPhone and won't be charged.

    AFAIK Hotmail doesn't offer free POP or IMAP access, so you could either pay for POP access with Hotmail, use Safari on the iPhone to check your mail, or just give up on Hotmail

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    Thanks for the reply. When do you have to get the $45 plan? I dont have it now and I havent enabled push email either. I was under the impression that if you setup email accounts using the "Mail" icon in the phone then you would be charged the higher rate or fined for it.

    Thanks for moving it to the right thread.

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    Iphone 3g Mail setup
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    Data is the internet.

    you pay extra for text messaging with the 3G ($5 per month)

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    Iphone 3g Mail setup
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    You can do what I do: go into your Hotmail account settings, forward your mail to your Gmail account. This way you have IMAP already working for you through Gmail and your Hotmail messages just follow suit. Easy as that.
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