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    Deleted Colleague's Contacts by Mistake!

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    Deleted Colleague's Contacts by Mistake!
    Hi all,

    I set a colleague's iPhone up to sync with his work Microsoft Exchange server. I asked him if he wanted to sync his contacts to which he said yes. Unfortunately this deleted the 140+ contacts on the iPhone, which he does not have saved elsewhere!

    I guess his only hope of getting them back is to restore his iPhone from the latest backup? Not having done this, is it a simple process?

    Thanks, Greg

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    Deleted Colleague's Contacts by Mistake!
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    Sep 03, 2007
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    I'm not sure what you mean by
    this deleted the 140+ contacts on the iPhone, which he does not have saved elsewhere!
    He would have to have it saved on his computer that he uses to sync his phone. I can't believe he would manually type 140+ contacts using just his phone and has never sync'd it to his home computer. That would be the only way he would not have the contacts on his computer.

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