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Thread: Best Apps?

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    Best Apps?
    PAID or FREE -

    What are the most beneficial apps.?

    I'm always on the look out, so let me know what you think.

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    Paper Football
    More Cowbell!

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    Best Apps?

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    These are all free and decent.

    AOL Radio

    The Facebook app is awful.

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    Best Apps?
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    Best Apps?
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    In no particular order: I have added an explaination to apps that have not already been described here:

    Free Apps:

    Dial Zero: bypass voice prompts to get to live person to talk to
    APP Mobile News: Updated v.1.1
    Box Office
    Urban Spoon: Works well where I live
    AOL Radio
    MyLite: Best light app there is for the phone, has a cool strobe light feature, can change colors
    Aurora Feint
    Morocco: Othello game
    Jirbo Break: free for limited time
    Tap Tap Revenge
    Jirbo Match: Great matching/memory game, kids love it
    Cube Runner: Free game that used accelorometer to control
    Scribble: draw on your phone, save to photo album, shake to erase. I use it to play tic tac toe with daughter
    Picocalc: Has some bad reviews from people who don’t understand what it is. It’s a simple program that tracks a number. For example, if you have an expense account that you use for traveling, it allows you to enter a number and you add or subtract from it. It displays the current value on the icon (just like the number of new messages on your mail program). I use it to keep track of points that I assign my daughter for being good or bad throughout the week. At the end of the week her allowance is based off the number of points she has accumilated and has to figure out the math (10 cents for each point).

    Awesom Paid Apps:

    Labyrnth: If you haven't seen this, go look it up. Awesome use of the accelorometer to control a ball through a maze without falling into holes (over 300 levels)

    Enigmo: I'm sure you've all seen this..if not look it up. Best use of 3D graphics, very fun puzzle game. You direct the flow of fluids into a recepticle.

    Solitair TOP-3: Best solitair game out for the iPhone, best graphics

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    Best Apps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear Hunter View Post
    In no particular order: I have added an explaination to apps that have not already been described here:

    Free Apps......Aurora Feint...........
    Really is the best free or paid game out there.

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    Best Apps?
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    Jul 24, 2008
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    The shazam is really handy, I like it.
    And the eBay app is a really easy way to keep track of everything if you're into the whole eBay scene.

    As for games, Tap Tap Revenge is actually pretty fun. It's kept me entertained many times.

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