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    Problem with File Sharing-Sharing all Folders, Security
    I recently purchased a Mac Pro and am sharing the 2nd internal hard drive since I am using that as a Server Drive and want to be able to access it both internally while at Home and also Externally using Back to my Mac. I also have this computer set up for screen sharing since I want to be able to use it remotely.
    Here is the issues.
    1. I have turned logged into it from my MBP while at Home and if I'm logged in as Guest I only see the Server Drive which is good. My concern is that if I log in with my login I then sell all Folders including the Main 'Macintosh HD' At least as a guest I can only see the Server Drive but is it any way I can stop it from showing all the other folders on the computer since I have no reason to do that?

    2. Also, I would like to disable all access for Guest. Yet I have it list Everyone or Guest in the file sharing and I have no way of deleting this. I don't want a Guest to be able to connect to this computer or share any files at all on it. Is there any way to disable this?

    3. Security: How secure is this? I am using it on a Home Wi-Fi network with an Airport Base Station 1GB. I have the Leopard filewall set to "Set Access for Specific Services" since it won't work with "Allow only essential services" I hope my home network is more security but with Back to my Mac how hard would it be for someone to be able to find this computer on the network? I don't do any filesharing on my MBP but do have it set up for File Sharing but only with my login ID.

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    Problem with File Sharing-Sharing all Folders, Security
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    Have you got Leopard 10.5 or Tiger 10.4 installed, the sharing interface is completely different between the two

    If it is Leopard there is a good guide to setting up share points and Users here

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    Problem with File Sharing-Sharing all Folders, Security
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    This fixed it...
    Eric G. Morgan

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