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    Okay....I have my MPB and it has a wireless connection to my Linsys Router (which is connected to my desktop pc and HP printer). My wife's desktop is also connected via wireless to the router. Now, in the finder I see two little says office computer...the other says 7br1s01. I do believe the "office computer" is my desktop. When I connect, I try to access as the registered user, it logs me in as a guest. On 7br1s01, I try added a password and it fails and it won't let me log in as a guest. A conundrum to say the least.

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    Do I need my desktop?
    I currently have my pc desktop wired to my Linksys router. I also have my printer running through the computer. My wife's pc has a Wi-Fi adapter allowing her to connect to my Comcast service.
    My MBP connects wirelessly to my router, and my computer also connects to my wired printer on the desktop.
    My question I need my desktop as a hub for my wife and I to connect to the router?
    My printer doesn't have the ability to connect to the router.
    Would I need a different router?
    Since I can't sell my relatively new HP Desktop for anything less that giving it away, I suppose it would be just easier to let it sit there and collect dust.

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    So, you want to get rid of your Desktop PC, but you think that it will mess up your wife's connection to the internet?

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    The computer being wired to the router isn't needed. For example, I used to have a DSL modem and wireless router alone not wired to any computer. Everything was wireless. You can purchase a new wireless router that allows you to connect your printer to it. That way the only thing connected to the router will be the modem and printer. The desktop and notebook will all be wireless.

    Hope that makes sense.
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