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    Trouble with Wifi
    Hello all. I am pretty new to os x and I have just recently bought an airport extreme router. I am having trouble getting my Dad's computer to connect via wifi with this router. No name/SSID is displayed when the wifi connection is found and I have been searching all day on the net on how to make the network name be shown. When I try to connect my Dad's to the network it asks for the SSID and I type it in but it still wont work. I dont really know what to do. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Also, Airport Admin Utility does not work on my mac but I read that its not needed for the new airport extreme?

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    I turned security off and my network name is shown on the windows computer. Connection is great, no drop outs. I turned the display of network off but other than that I have no security on my network. What should I do?

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    Trouble with Wifi
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    you should be able to activate some type of encryption.

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    Trouble with Wifi
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    Set up at least WEP but preferably WPA 2 security. You can also set up MAC addressing as well, that way only specific computers can access your network. The Airport Admin Utility help menu will tell you how to do all of this.

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    i dont know what depth of settings you get with an airport but try logging on to your airport in safari (using its ip) and make sure the ssid beacon is on.

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    thanks everyone. Ill try that. Its strange, I did try WEP same problem.

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