I didn't intend to continue with this topic, but today I went back to the problematic Class Cafe for the first time in several weeks and got a big surprise.

As expected, I got a self-assigned IP address on both my iPad and iPhone.

I didn't bother to use my work-around of entering an IP address, etc., manually.

About half way through reading the Bangkok Post I got an email message on my iPad. What the heck? I checked, and sure enough, it now had a DHCP assigned IP address. I did nothing, so it just sort of happened.

But, no joy with the iPhone. Still had a self-assigned IP.

A half hour later and just before I left I checked the iPhone again. It too had a DHCP assigned IP.

After I got home I checked the keychain entry for for the SSID classkorat. Now usually the keychain will show you the plain text password for whatever SSID you select. For example, it shows "2186amma" as the password for Cafe Ama's wifi.

But, the password for classkorat is now shown as:

"A16581C4562743A664144279A5939C3C51DC2A36BE6B7A07A 05B5F598C0F3CC7"

The actual password, which I had to enter today is: "044007277".

I don't know if what's shown is an encrypted version of the actual password or something else. I've never seen this in the keychain. I checked a bunch of other SSIDs and they all show the password in plain text.

I remain baffled.