I have been learning some code using the Atom editor, and some youtube videos. to make things easier for myself I have installed an add-on to Atom which lets me start a live server. this works great, however using this method requires having 3 windows open at the same time. I normally open the video and atom on one desktop,(within my laptop, I don't have any monitors) and the browser with the live sever on a second desktop. this works, but I would like to be able to see my live sever and my code at the same time. I do have an old dell running win 7 and would like to be able to open the live sever on this machine. I don't have internet at home(I download the tutorials at a nearby(secure) wifi hotspot). Is there a way to do this using a LAN or something like that.

My Mac is a 2017 MacBook Pro.
I have no internet at home.
I want to host the live server on my Mac and see it on my dell.

Thanks in advance!