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    NAS drive for Time Machine
    Hello all

    I have a problem that I can't fathom out, I thought it would be straightforward but things never seem to be!

    My old Time Capsule died on me a while ago and have been intending to replace it for a while, and now they appear to discontinued them - no worries, I'll just buy a NAS drive and connect it via Ethernet cable and have it visible on my wifi network.

    This is when I start to hit problems, I have a Deco mesh system that is connected via ethernet to my Sky router, and all machines at home connect to the Deco network. If I browse to I end up at the Sky router homepage, even though I'm not connected to the Sky wifi network - I'm assuming some sort of bridge has been established - apologies if I've got the terminology wrong, networking is something I've never really fully understood - I've just muddled through it somehow.

    So my questions are:

    1 - Is my plan of connecting a NAS drive to the Deco possible?
    2 - How would I configure the Deco network to make use of the NAS drive, there is an app that I use on my iPhone or iPad and there plenty of settings there but nothing I can see that help me.
    3 - Is there a better solution than my idea?

    Many thanks,


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    NAS drive for Time Machine
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    1. Yes - should not be a problem. All your Deco is doing is acting like a bunch of access points.

    2. You shouldn't have to do anything to your Deco network. It is basically a conduit.

    3. Yes - I do believe you need to change the IP address of your NAS.

    I believe you will find that is the local IP address of your Sky router which is handling DHCP (the protocol that hands out IP addresses to devices on your network) - also yes, you are always connected to it as it is in charge of routing your request to the internet or other devices on your network.

    If I am understanding what is going on it sounds like the IP address on your NAS is set to as a default but the router is going to override it. What I would do is directly connect to the NAS with an ethernet cable, shut off the wifi on whatever computer you are using and let it use the ethernet connection. You may have to set a static IP address like, on your mac to get it to connect.

    Now type in the into a browser and it should bring up the NAS configuration page. First thing you need to do is change it's static IP address to something like or anything else but the same one as your Sky router. Once that is done you will now need to access it by using it's new IP address and it should be visible to Time Machine.

    I hope that helps. If you have questions post back.

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