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    using two different subnets on a single machine
    Hi Folks,
    I have a MBP that I use WiFi for internet and Ethernet for connection to a rack of IoT type test equipment. Sometimes what I am trying to do works, by accident I think.

    WiFi is set as DHCP with subnet, with internet access.
    Ethernet is set DHCP with subnet, without internet access.

    they are isolated so the device in the 1 group don't have issues with devices in the 2 group, and vice versa.
    Also because I have external users access devices on the 2 subnet (VPN) and 1 is my own private network.

    Is there a way to have both operate flawlessly by forcing apps to use specific connections?


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    using two different subnets on a single machine
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    I'm not sure you can force apps to use specific network connections. Even on the Windows side, I don't think that is possible.

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    using two different subnets on a single machine
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    The way you "force" an app to use one interface over the other is by choosing to access a resource available on that interface only. However, with dual subnets the thing that will usually cause you grief is the default gateway. Each of your subnets also has a gateway of its own. But the default gateway is where things go if it can't be directly routed.

    I would suggest that your default gateway be the Internet facing IP address and interface so that your DNS stuff works like it should.

    For your internal (2.x) interface, I would suggest you direct requests using specific IP addresses. You can create entires in the /etc/hosts file to give those devices nice names so you don't have to remember IP addresses. This will prevent traffic from going down the default gateway (Internet facing) interface.

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