Hi mac nerds!

First of all, I know very little about mac, it's my gfs computer. But I know a lot about linux, which helps a lot with the mac too imo.

My problem is the following:

We are doing some long term travelling with very little internet access and taking a lot of pictures. I have a windows/linux laptop, my gf as I said a macbook pro and we have a little travel router. As we don't have good internet, at least I want to make sure to get some local backup between our computers. I have tested out a program called Freefilesync for the actual backup and it works fine when everything is mounted.

The problem is how to make sure our network drives always gets mounted. I have experimented with both the Automator (which seem to need the network drive to be accessible on startup, which is not always the case) and with autofs (which seem to have to know the exact ip of the other computer, which is also not always the same if we for instance connect to a guest network. So what I want to solve are the following sub-problems:

1. Auto-mount a windows share from the mac on startup OR if it appears later on
2. Mount the windows share using the host name, not the ip number if possible
3. Make the windows share always appear with the same path on the mac, so that the sync software doesn't get confused

I saw some talk about bonjour for windows, but that seem to be mostly for sharing printers...