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    I could go back but I won't. My Macbook pro is running fine in all respects except for the bluetooth...
    Since I had never used BT before I have not way of knowing if HS would be any better...
    I have seen many posting on the net were the upgrade to Mojave has had it's problems with hardware and software..
    I have a fully functioning WiFi, networking so I'll stay with what I have.
    Anyway it's been a learning experience... found out a lot

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    I think I might have answered that (about going back) I said I would not.. but then I never know.
    In my search to find an answer to my problem, I have found that many people have the same problem
    as I do, meaning the BT connection will not stay...
    I think I also stated that my connection to my Iphone works fine with my JBL Go 2 speakers...
    I also found out that as of yet I have not found any usb bluetooth manufacturer supporsts MAC!!!!!
    I wonder why this is. Also out of thousands of (apps, programs) for MAC not one is meant to replace the BT installed app.
    I bought a BT 4.0 off of Ebay, it works on the laptop under 10.14.. but I still can not connect for a long period of time
    about 10 sec now...
    So it is the BT software...
    If anyone has a USB BT 4.0 adapter that has drivers for MAC X.X.X let me know...

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    I think I also stated that my connection to my Iphone works fine with my JBL Go 2 speakers...

    Give this a try:
    4. Bluetooth issues on macOS Mojave
    Bluetooth connection not working on macOS 10.14 Mojave is a known issue too. The symptoms look like your Mac just wouldn’t connect to Bluetooth, or in some cases, refuse to turn itself off.

    To address this injustice, it’s recommended to delete the Bluetooth plist file — don’t worry it will recreate itself upon the next Bluetooth launch. But just in case, copy the file to some safe location.

    Click on Finder > Go to Folder…
    Type in /Library/Preferences.
    Find file and delete it.
    Restart your Mac.
    Updated: 13 most annoying Mojave problems on Mac

    - Patrick

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