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    can I use smartTV as MAC monitor?

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    can I use smartTV as MAC monitor?
    I have a MAC 2009 27" running Sierra.
    I also have a large SONY smartTV in the same room.

    I would like to do 2 things:
    1. use the TV as a mirrored or extended display
    2. stream from my MAC to the TV

    Is this possible, and any tricks to doing it?

    27" iMAC i5, 12G RAM
    1TB HDD

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    can I use smartTV as MAC monitor?
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    Easy to connect as a second display via cable. Streaming, very difficult to do if you mean via WiFi.
    I have a similar setup. A MacBook Pro and a Sony Bravia smart TV.
    I can watch live sport via internet and connect the MBP to the TV via a hdmi cable for a big display but itís easier with an iPhone. I use a hdmi cable and a lightening bolt to hdmi adaptor to connect the iPhone.
    You can stream via WiFi to the Sony with an android phone but no similar app is available for iOS.

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    can I use smartTV as MAC monitor?
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    No tricks necessary, most SmartTV's have a HDMI input, so plug a cable in and your Mac will recognize the monitor and allow you to use it as a second display (mirror or extended) as you see fit.

    From a streaming functionality, since it's a second display you can just move the window over to it or you can go down the DLNA route.

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