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    Mac internet speed 1/4 of windows speed
    Hi, we have a small team in Munich and just moved to new offices. We signed up for internet over cable from Vodaphone and were given a fritzbox 6490 with preset DNS servers from Vodaphone as part of the installation. We theoretically should get speeds of up to 500 Gigabites but none of the MacBook pros or iMacs get over 96. 3 devices are using wifi and 2 are using cat6 cables. at first I thought it might be the Cisco catalyst switch we are using, but even using notebooks connected directly to the modem and all other devices off or unattached, I can't get a faster speed to show. I used Speedtest from Ookla. download speed varies from 45 to 96. The cable guy gets 480-490 using the same app on his windows pc, so I rebooted to bootcamp windows 10 and lo and behold, same cable, same notebook and the speed was suddenly 280.

    Has anyone run into this before? the upload speeds are all fine, 52 across the board. Could it be the dns servers that cause this mess? all the computers were running fine before we moved to this setup. Please help!

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    call the cable guy. ask him to reconfigure it with your system.
    my friend had the same problem in India when he got a new modem installed. as per the claims, he should be getting 40mbps. but practically he was receiving below 9. He called up the cable guy. got few reconfigurations and resettings. and since then the speed has never been below 38 mbps.

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    Mac internet speed 1/4 of windows speed
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    Do you get the same results running alternative speed tests?

    Are you running the SpeedTest in the same browser (I'd suggest Chrome as a common denominator)?

    Are you selecting the same server to test against?

    Only once you can be certain the testing approach is the same can you start to investigate further.

    Have you tried downloading the same file from say Dropbox etc and seeing what real worls speeds you're getting in both instances?

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