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    Question Port 8080 stopped working
    I have been experiencing a strange situation on my Mac OS X 10.8.3 laptop the last week or so.

    If run a port scan using the Network Utility tool, it shows that port 8080 is open. Indeed, if I run telnet localhost 8080 from the command line, the connection is successful. If I run sudo lsof -i :8080, however, nothing comes up.

    Further, I am able to create a server and bind it to port 8080 (using nc -l localhost 8080). When I run telnet localhost 8080, the connection is successful (as before) but any text I enter does not show up in the nc output.

    How is it possible that a port is open but nothing is actually listening on it?

    Clue: This was working as expected until a few days ago, when I was playing with some VPN clients.


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    Port 8080 stopped working
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    sudo lsof -i TCP:8080


    sudo lsof -n |grep LISTEN

    the sudo is important, if your account doesn't own the process.
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