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    Upload and Download speeds?
    So let me throw this out there. When I run It tells me I am uploading at .76 MB/s or 760 KB/s, which is in the tolerance I am paying for. I upload routinely to two different FTP sites. One is a Google server, the other is connected to my photography web site. Both sites are designed for large files. In either case when I up load, my new iMac tells me I am only uploading at 92kb/sec . What can cause the disparity, and how can I fix it? I'm in the Chicago area using comcast cable and they say I am getting what I am paying for but my iMac disagrees. Plus I did the math myself based on time and files sizes and I am really getting about 90 kb/sec.
    Upload is pretty important to me, but even on the download at best I'm getting 2MB/sec when I should be getting over 3 mb/sec.

    Thoughts ?

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    Upload and Download speeds?
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    Please do not post a reply to an old thread (from 2006), instead create a new thread with a new subject. I did that for you.... which should also increase your chance of getting useful replies.


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    Upload and Download speeds?
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    That would be about right Frenchy7, upload about 10% of download. For instance my download is 9.2MB/s, upload 900Kb/s.
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    I've seen a not dissimilar issue with download speed if I run a test on 2 different servers with One server 30 miles away gives me 12 Mbps and another 11 miles away gives me 8mbps.

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