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    Ethernet questions. :/
    I have a Macbook Pro running Mac OS X and im trying to download some music for my mom using the wireless internet and it works, but for larger downloads its rather slow and takes anywhere from 12-20 hours if its over a gig. I tried to connect my Macbook to my routher via ethernet and it works, but its not any faster. I haven't used the ethernet before and i always thought it was way faster than the wireless, at least capable of reaching 1Mb/s. I just need some tips or pointers on how to make it faster than wireless, if it is possible. I have AT&T internet with a 2WIRE router, im not sure if that helps at all. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Ethernet questions. :/
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    Your download speed is dependent on the speed of your internet. WiFi is just as fast as ethernet when it comes to the internet since internet speeds are never faster than G or N WiFi speeds.

    Ethernet will only be faster if you're doing large file transfers over an internal network, not the internet.
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    Ok, so it wouldn't benefit me at all to use ethernet then? Is there any way to make my download speed faster? Or would i have to get a different internet provider and router?

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    Ethernet questions. :/
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    First figure out how fast your Internet connection is..your connection from the Mac to the router/cable modem through Wired Ethernet or Wireless is only until the router/cable modem..from there it all depends on what your Internet speeds are as schweb said..

    You can visit - The Global Broadband Speed Test and check out to see how fast your Internet connection this test with your wired and wireless connection and that'll tell you whether downloading 1 GB in 12-20 hours is reasonable or not..

    If you can't determine that on your own, post your results here and we can tell you..

    I have a Comcast 25MB up/5 MB down connection and depending on where I'm getting the files from can download at a pretty good clip most of the time..I can download a Linux ISO (~700MB) directly from a site in about 20 mins, and can download it over bittorrent in about 5-7 mins..

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