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    appalling download speeds
    i finally got my wireless netgear wgr614v5 router up and running. i get my dsl connection via a modem that i have hooked up to the router. my winxp dekktop is linked to the router via a linysys pci card.
    my ibook gets its internet wireless via this set up. i also share a few folders between the 2. i have noticed a drastic drop in download speeds after having the whole setup run for a few hours. the first few hours are great and i get speeds of around 100 KB/s but after that i tend to get speeds of 5 KB/s! this is worse than dialup!
    i also notice that when i stream real audio files on the bbc website after a while i get a time out error message and the streaming goes dead. i have configured my router with wpa-psk security and the key lifetime is set at the default of 60 seconds. could it be something to do with that?

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    I have the same router and it's mediocre. The only thing I've been able to do to improve things is to find a channel (1-11) that's not close to what anyone near you is using. Get a widget to alert you to the other networks. Update the router firmware too.

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    You need to clean the router filter.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ed724
    You need to clean the router filter.

    how do i do that? btw i only bought this router a week ago.

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