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    Here is a simple solution to "Share wifi (not wired) using Macbook (connected to Wifi and want to share wifi)"

    1. Purchase a WiFi adapter. I purchased the netis 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter.
    2. Turn off the Mac's wifi internal adapter. I have an Air running 10.9
    3. Configure the USB adapter on your Mac, then connect the USB adapter to your WiFi network.
    4. Turn off Internet Sharing in Syetem Preferences, Sharing.
    5. Set the Internet Sharing options to: Share your connection from: 802.11n WLAN Adapter
    To computers using: Wi-Fi
    (Note: the name for your adapter in the options box may differ from this one.)
    6. Turn on Internet Sharing.
    7. Turn on the Mac's internal wifi adapter.
    8. Connect your other device to the SSID now being broadcast by your Mac's internal wifi adapter. I connected an iPhone running 8.3

    Works like a champ, at least here at my home network.

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    Just successfully connected via wifi and then shared wifi with MBP and Yosemite 10.10.5 (i.e. wifi internet sharing without an Ethernet connection).

    Purchased the Edimax EW-7822UAC, since I needed 2.4GHz support. Installed the 10.10 driver. In System Preferences, Sharing, Internet Sharing, Share your connection: shows 802.11n NIC. To computers using: shows WiFi.

    As mentioned above, configure your MBP wifi adapter and password to the SSID broadcasted by your MBP before turning on Internet Sharing. I found it easiest to turn off the MBP wifi adapter, then connect the Edimax, then configure the MBP Internet sharing, then turn on the MBP wifi adapter, then enable internet sharing.

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    Lightbulb Option to share Internet from WIFI to WIFI on mac at the cost of external USB WIFI ad
    You cannot use same internal adapter since its kernel is not programmed for network virtualisation. You can share by using USB wifi modem.Connect to internet using USB wifi(not internal wifi if you want WIFI to WIFI).In settings->sharing configure sharing from USB wifi to internal wifi.Hotspot can only be created by internal wifi but not through USB wifi.
    Make sure to turn off firewall if not your hotspot doesn't allow DHCP to assign IP to client devices. This worked on my Yosemite.

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    I have been searching for about a half an hour trying to figure out how to use my MacBook Pro as a "WiFi repeater—" i.e. it receives a WiFi signal and subsequently allows me to wirelessly connect my smaller devices to the internet. The reason I need to do this is because my laptop can receive WiFi signals at greater distances than my other devices.

    WiFi to WiFi cannot be done as far as I have seen (I would be curious to know why, as it seems Macs are capable of this on the hardware side).

    Behold, the answer: WiFi to Bluetooth. Go to System Preferences —> Sharing —> Internet Sharing. Share from WiFi to Bluetooth PAN. You can now receive a weak WiFi signal with your Mac and hook your iPad, etc. up to the internet via Bluetooth.

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    Share wifi (not wired) using Macbook (connected to Wifi and want to share wifi)
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    That'a right. Internet sharing requires that you go from one type of network interface to a different type of network interface. You can, for example, share from wifi to a world connection or the other way around but not wifi to wifi.
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    Found this thread on the same mission as the original requestor. My reasons for wanting to go WIFI--->WIFI are to re-share a work vpn connection with other devices when I work from home.
    Again my solution was to run windows 10 in bootcamp and use the hotspot feature to re-share the wifi/vpn connection to other devices.

    The last replies to this thread were several years ago... perhaps someone in 2019 has built a hack to perform this voodoo within macOS? :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by BarryT View Post
    Thanks, chscag, for the reply and the welcome. :-)

    I've actually seen those links... and also done a fair amount of digging\searching on the subject as well, to which no [good] answer has ever been given. There are A LOT of people\posts all over the web looking to do this very thing... share a WiFi to WiFi connection from the Mac to their Mobiles..... but, nobody ever answers how to do it, or, why this is not possible to do using Mac OS when it's totally able to be done on a machine running Windows.

    Instead, almost everyone heads straight for the default\copout answer of "...a WiFi connection cannot be both in use and shared at the same time...". This statement couldn't be further from the truth, as can be seen using almost any recent version of Windows. From those kinds of statements I can only conclude one of two things... either:
    a.) The folks answering that way have no clue what they're talking about and have obviously never seen it actually working on a machine running Windows, or...
    b.) The Mac OS was never designed to do this, and as such... the Mac OS is just not capable of hosting a WiFi Network while simultaneously using the same WiFi card for its own internet\WiFi usage.

    The only thing any of the links ever show you how to do is configure a WiFi Access Point using a NON-WiFi, ( Ethernet, BlueTooth, etc. ), connection. The very instant anyone points out that wasn't an answer to the original question asked, and could someone please respond with how to create a hosted Wireless network while the machine is actually using the WiFi Card for it's own network... the responses almost immediately come back with "... it's not possible to do that...", which again... is complete rubbish.

    Anyway....all that said... does anyone know how to actually get the Mac OS to host a WiFi Network while simultaneously using the same WiFi Card for it's own network connection? If Windows can do it, especially when boot-camped into Windows on a Macbook, ( meaning the hardware is not the issue ), then why the heck can't the Mac OS do this?

    Thanks again.

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