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    Exclamation Still a newb, Networking to pc
    I am trying to network to my pc to download my music to my G4. I am not understanding how to do this on the pc or on the Mac. Someone please help me! I am dying without my music!!!!!!

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    Still a newb, Networking to pc

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    I'm quite interested in this.

    One method that I have found though is if you have iTunes on both the pc and the Mac. Go to preferences and all the way to 'Sharing'. Select 'Share My Music' and "Look For Shared Music'. This should then mean that a blue playlist appears on both the pc and the mac. It will display the music on the other computer so that you can listen, but unfortunately not download. Also, this only works if you have iTunes open on both.

    Not really the answer to the question, but the only way round it that I found until I figure out how to network properly.

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    Still a newb, Networking to pc

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    I don't know how to set the PC up for networking, however on the Mac, you just go to System Preferences>Sharing and make sure Personal File Sharing is turned on.

    Go to any open Finder window, and on the sidebar, click Network.

    Also, I remember that you need to set the Mac to the workgroup that the PC is in.

    First find the workgroup. Then with that, go to Mac HD>Applications>Utilities>Directory Access. Click on Samba. Change Workgroup to the appropriate one.

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