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    Frustrating Airport/Wireless Network Problem
    Hello All,
    I was wondering if anyone here can help me with this annoying problem I'm having connecting to the internet via my Airport card (I will display all of my system specs at the bottom of my post.)
    The problem is as follows: I recently moved to a new place and bought in to my roommates pre-existing wireless internet network. He provided me with the password to access the internet and it worked perfectly, and everything went just fine for about two weeks. Then one day I started up my computer and I was not connected to the network for some reason (this is the first time that had happened,) and so I tried to connect again. I chose the network from the airport dropdown menu and input the correct password and it said "there was an error joining the airport network..." I have no idea what the problem could be. I didn't change any settings on my computer and my roommate contends that he did not change the password or any network settings (and he is having no problems connecting to the internet on his pc.) I could understand there being some sort of conflict with the router if I had never been able to access the internet at all, but I was able to successfully use this network for two weeks as I previously mentioned. Does anybody have any idea what the problem could be. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.
    My specs are the following:
    ibook G4 1.33 Ghz PowerPC
    Mac OS 10.4.11
    Wireless Card Type: AirPort Extreme
    Wireless Card Locale: USA
    Wireless Card Firmware Version: 405.1 (

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    Frustrating Airport/Wireless Network Problem
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    Have you tried unpluging your wifi router for 30 secs and plugging it back in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cfrench View Post
    Have you tried unpluging your wifi router for 30 secs and plugging it back in?
    Hey, that did it! Thanks!
    What is that all about?
    Why did that work?
    I'm sorry, I'm not that great with computers obviously, and weird little things like this just baffle me.

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    Frustrating Airport/Wireless Network Problem
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    Dec 20, 2006
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    It's probably related to the encryption your roommate is using for security. I see that happen from time to time with my DSL router at work.
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    similar problem on my G3 I-book

    I'm a first time poster here, and I have just put an Airport card in a G3 I-book, running OS10.4.11. The network I want to connect to is working fine for all other computers, and the airport card sees my network, but I am getting the

    There was an error joining the Airport network "<my network name>"

    I do get a prompt for a WPA personal key, and my understanding is that I should be able to do this with this OS.

    What has me a bit puzzled is that when I view the Airport under System Profiler, it shows the Airport as 2.0, which is too old to work with WPA encryption. I attempted to direct update Airport with v 3.3 and that failed with a error that I already had the newest SW (I assume because I just updated to 10.4.11 from 10.4.2 using System update today?)

    is System profiler not an accurate way to view the application SW version?
    I've rebooted the laptop twice, and the wireless router once, to no avail.

    Oh, one other data point...I have a windows-based laptop with 802.11b card and it can connect to the network, so the router is backwards compatable...

    Can anybody help?



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    Frustrating Airport/Wireless Network Problem
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    Apr 07, 2009
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    My understanding here is that there is a difference between the G4 first mentioned and your G3. With apple i have run foul of the WPA WPA2 etc. before with a G3 iMac.
    Just to test can you change the encryption to WEP temporarily to see if that works.

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