Hey all,

Calling me a novice with computers is a bit of an understatement, so I need your help.

I'm trying to setup my home theater media center...

I have:
An 50inch plasma
A macbook
An Xbox 360
A WD 500gb harddrive

I'm looking to setup a way to stream to my TV downloaded and ripped video/music, which is currently on my HDrive. I understand that my mac has Front Row (which I would ideally use) and my Xbox has (Windows Media Center).

Is there anyway this can be done using the equipment I have listed? If not, what do I need to purchase to accomplish this (I would like to avoid a Mac Mini and Airport Express and use what I currently have, but if this the better route than I will go with it).

I'm big on simplicity and having everything work flawlessly (or as perfectly as possible).

Also, the majority of the movies/tv shows I currently have are in .mkv

Thanks for the help!