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Thread: Network Issues

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    Network Issues

    First of all - first time poster - been reading the forum for a few months now. Finally bought my first Mac (iBook G4) and am loving it so far. Only thing holding it back is I am having issues getting it integrated into my existing network.

    I did a search and read all the threads I found - but they didn't quite seem to answer my issue.

    I have a home network setup -I have a WinXP Pro Desktop as the main box - this connects to the internet through a Linksys Wirelss G router. From the router I have a WinXP Laptop as well that is networked to the desktop.

    I then have a printer hooked into the desktop - that I am able to use with either the desktop or the laptop.

    I am trying to get the new iBook networked in so it too can use that printer. So I spent the better part of my night trying to get all the settings correct. I have the iBook recognizing the other two computers - I am able to get into their shared folders. I can even setup the Canon printer on my desktop as the printer for my iBook - but whenever I send the command to printer it initiates with "Starting Job" then it just stops and says "No Job Printing"

    I am at a wall. I tried just about everything I can think of. Even installed the Mac driver for my Canon i860 printer. But since I have limited experience with Mac I don't know where to go from here.

    If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it. I tried to be as detailed as I could to help you guys understand better.

    Thanks again for your time guys....

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    Network Issues
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    have a look at this if you havent already:

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    Yeah I read that one - but if you read the guys last post he ends the thread with the same problem I am having

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    I can totally access both computers - from the PC I can get into the iBook using the ip it gives me when I enable windows sharing - and from the iBook I can access the Shared Folder on my PC.

    For some reason it just will not let me print. Last night I managed to print one item - but now it wont let me. So I know it's possible - I just gotta figure out how I did it.

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    I seem to have figured it out.

    I did not have the correct model selected for my Canon printer. It doesn't list my exact printer - so I had to select one I thought was closest.

    Seems to work now.

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