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    Good source for Aperture documentation/tips?
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    Good source for Aperture documentation/tips?
    Benjamindaines was a god-send last night on the Mac-Forum IRC channel. He devoted about half an hour to helping me figure out something in Aperture that was vexing me to the point of deleting the program from my HDD.

    I've tried the on-line tutorials, but I find it hard to follow along since the tutorial and the program both take up so much real estate simultaneously. I'm more of an ink-and-paper kind of guy when it comes to documentation. I know there isn't an Aperture 1.5 for Dummies sadly.

    What did you do to learn Aperture?

    (and thanks again, BD ... Apple probably just made $300 thanks to you)

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    I admit, I never tried the Aperture demo: I'm just deadly afraid I'd love it and be torn because I wouldn't be able to afford it, most probably. But I am keeping bookmarks on how it works when I find the info interesting and promising. One of them I kept, apart from Apple's own, is O'Reilly's Inside Aperture.

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    Good source for Aperture documentation/tips?

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    You can't go wrong with the O'Reilly books
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