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    Can I view only pics that are NOT in an Album?
    Hi, I've collected tons of pics and unfortunately did not do a good job organizing them. I have been trying to organize them into Albums from the "All Photos" view. I understand putting them in an Album is just a link to the Album (a logical organization of the) and the "All Photos" view is all photos period.

    What would really help me, is a view of all pics that are not in any Album (yet). ie. Once I'm completely finish, all pics would be in one or more Albums, and if I look at this new view, (ie the No Album view), no pics would show.

    If any pics do show at some point, I know I haven't organized them yet - and they need to be put it an album.


    PS I'm using a Mac Book Pro, latest OS and iPhoto.

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    Can I view only pics that are NOT in an Album?
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    Only too happy to help you out with organising your photographs.

    Just so that I'm clear on the matter:

    You said "Latest OS". That should mean macOS Mojave, but it might mean the latest your Mac can run. So can you confirm Mojave?

    And if it is Mojave, why are you not using Photos app instead of iPhoto which was "replaced" by Photos some years ago?

    And beware, Mojave is the last OS that will allow iPhoto as it is 32bit. Next OS will only work with the Photos app - which incidentally is way better in functionality than iPhoto.

    Once we know the answers, we can help you willingly.


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    Can I view only pics that are NOT in an Album?
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    In Photos

    Choose File > New Smart Album.
    Select from criteria Album, Is Not, Any.
    Name and click OK. I call mine 'unsorted'.

    Now you have an album that will show all insorted images. As you drag images to albums, the smart album updates results.

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    Thanks badshoehabit!

    I'm using Mojave 10.14.3. Yeah, I'm so used to calling it iPhoto - but it's actually Photo. :-)

    Now the work begins..... lol


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