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    Anybody use CDRB Softwares??
    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum but wasnt sure where to post it. My wife is a graphic artist and wanted the Adobe Master suite for her new Imac. Well a friend of hers led her to CDRB software where you can download the entire thing for only $50. Obviously I was was extremely skeptical so I went on the website and it seemed legit enough with her friend swearing by it. So I paid the $50 and they sent me the links to download. Everything downloaded fine as they were all RAR files which I was not familiar with. Then the problems started. First the Unrarx program I was supposed to use wouldn't uncompress the rar files as it said no files present. So I used unarchiver and it extracted them. I then proceeded to install Adobe photoshop and of course I got an error and the program would not install. I also noticed a core keygen had to be used as well. Hmmm. So I contacted them and they refunded my money back stating they couldnt understand why I had so many issues while all the other customers did not. Even her friend was baffled and stated he has used them for years with no issues. I have always felt if it sounds to good to be true it usually is. So, comments opinions? anybody have any experience with these guys? They did refund me which is good I guess but its off to finding a legit copy of Master collection for $$$$$$$ I guess.

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    Anybody use CDRB Softwares??
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    Uhh no! Enough warning signs here. Adobe software doesn't come in RAR files, they don't include a keygen and most certainly won't come from any other site than Adobe itself. You've paid for and downloaded pirated software. Glad they refunded the money, please go the legit route.

    We will not discuss this any further here.

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