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    Love the iPhone cameras!
    Took this picture with my iPhone SE the other days and kit's getting race reviews on various nature sites.

    Who needs a camera 👍😍


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    Love the iPhone cameras!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cheddar-caveman View Post
    Who needs a camera 
    Exactly. The camera's on smartphones are very very good...and probably for 90% of user's...the camera on a smartphone is probably all they will ever need...and may even be more camera than they need.

    Nice photo...thanks for sharing!

    - Nick
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    Love the iPhone cameras!
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    Fabulous photo,cheddar-caveman.


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    Love the iPhone cameras!
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    Close ups and landscapes great, good in low light, but the quality on zoom is dire and I ditch most attempts.

    Autumn leaf on today's dog walk, iPhone 7. IMG_9268.jpg

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