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Thread: iCloud sharing

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    iCloud sharing

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    iCloud sharing
    iCloud is easy to share with other people via simple means, but posting a picture to a forum or blog seems to mean posting your picture elsewhere as well.

    I've yet to see how to use iCloud the same way.

    I'm paying for additional space on iCloud. I'd like to know if this feature is available on it.

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    iCloud sharing
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    Posting a picture here means that the file needs to be publicly accessible on some site and iCloud isn't designed for that. Dropbox, Box and other cloud sharing services are setup to do that by putting files in specifically marked folders or setting the permissions on specific files. You can then grab the public URL to that image and use it anywhere..

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    iCloud sharing
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    I never post a picture from Dropbox or Box, I use them for other things. I upload a picture directly from Photos, This screen shot is only in Photos. From the Browse window that comes up to put the picture online click Browse just like you would to add any other photo from a folder. When the Finder window opens scroll on down past Pictures in the sidebar and under Media you will see Photos, select that and Photo will open and you can select any photo you want and upload to the website. fullsizeoutput_21f8.jpeg
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