I'm playing around with the windows PC icloud control centre
icloud.com and icloud photo library
for a friend

What i would like is with icloud photo library ON
i would like to create folders on the PC with photos in
and these then transfer to icloud.com photos and create the albums on icloud and in turn sync to an ipad with all the album info

I tried putting a folder with a couple of pictures into the windows PC
pictures>icloud photos > upload
BUT all that happened was the photos transferred to icloud.com - BUT no album - just in "all photos"

he has 1000's of images , and wants to put them into albums on a windows pc and then view via an ipad

He did do this before using photoshop elements and itunes to sync - but that has now caused other issues

ideally using the new icloud.com photo library
he can setup high resolution on the icloud and share to devices
all controlled from his windows PC

Best Wishes for the New year