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    Early Photoshop CS6 Report
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    Early Photoshop CS6 Report
    I downloaded an upgrade from CS5 to CS6 yesterday. It takes time to learn all the nuances of a major upgrade to any software so I'll need time to become proficient. The leap from CS4 to CS5 was earth shattering. The experts claim the improvements in CS6 are equally dramatic.

    One of the things that's changed for the better is the Crop Tool. In the past versions you could drag a marching ants box of a predetermined size around the area you wish to crop. In version 6 you do something similar but there's a grid attached that allows you to easily compose based on the Rule of Thirds. Instead of dragging the finished box around you now drag the background image to align with the compositional grid. That's a nice feature.

    Content aware fill has some nice improvements as well. Imagine being able to simply drag a loose selection with the lasso tool and then moving the object anywhere in the composition. As you move the selection the software rebuilds the background from the original location. That's so cool.

    Camera RAW software in CS6 is wonderful. The slider control let you do about 90% of the general processing including sharpening & noise reduction inside of Camera RAW. These are a powerful set of adjustment tools that speed up the workflow for down & dirty processing. The end result differences between CS5 & CS6 RAW processing is dramatic ans alone worth the $169 upgrade price to a $750 software giant.

    I had to upgrade all my plug-in software so that it would appear and be useable in CS6. There was no cost in doing so but it took a bit of time as I have the complete Suite of OnOne Plug-ins, Topaz DeNoise & Nik Software's Silver Affects Pro & Vivesa 2. Everything is working fine inside of Photoshop 6 at this point.

    Because it is an upgrade I still have access to the CS5 version. There are differences in the OnOne Suite because of its upgrade to CS6. I like some of the old features so I save the photo in CS6 and then reopen it in CS5 to complete special effects processing.

    I still have a ton to learn but given my prolific use of editing software and my accumulated experience with former versions it won't take me long to get up to speed with CS6. I hope this short review helps someone out there.
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    Early Photoshop CS6 Report
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    Just as an FYI, the cropping methods existed in CS5 (see attachment, for those interested). I still do most of my basic editing in Lr, so by the time they're in Ps they've already been cropped.

    That said, I really should play with CS6. I'll probably pony up the $30 and try it for a month, and try it out that way before I decide if the upgrade version is worth it for me. Although, from what you've said so far I'd probably be better off just upgrading to Lr4, since for the most part I only use Ps for actual pixel editing. Thanks!
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    Early Photoshop CS6 Report
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    The crop now behaves much more like Lightroom's crop and is very fast. Oh, it's nice...

    I haven't played with RAW yet since I do most of my photo editing in Lightroom 4 but am planning on checking it out.

    One thing that's really bugging me at the moment is not being able to transform a layer mask independently of a shape layer. For some reason, even if the mask is unlinked from the shape, it wants to transform everything at once...

    And I love finally being able to apply effects to a group rather than just individual layers. Very helpful on the web design side of things - although I'm the only one in the studio with CS6 at the moment so I can't use half the new features if I want to to be compatible with their software...
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