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Thread: Wacom Intuos 2

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    Wacom Intuos 2

    So my girlfriend is a runner at a film company and she recently got given two Wacom Intuos 2 Graphics Tablets...

    I am trying to make these freebies work as I want to use them to draw on Flash Professional 8...

    Problem is, I have an iMac running OS X 10.5.5. The tablet has a 9-pin serial port...

    So I bought one of these on eBay...

    USB 2.0 TO RS232 SERIAL DB9 9 PIN ADAPTER CABLE PDA GPS on eBay, also, Adaptors, Cables Connectors, Computing (end time 22-Feb-09 08:43:30 GMT)

    I've also downloaded this...

    Download Wacom Tablet Driver X 6.1.0-7 - OS X driver for many Wacom tablets. - Softpedia

    But when I open the Wacom Tablet in my system preferences menu it just states - "A supported tablet was not found on this system"...

    Can anyone help me get the tablet working??!

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    possible solution
    have you tried downloading this?

    Apple - Downloads - Drivers - PL2303 USB to Serial Driver

    it might be for a specific serial-to-usb cord though.

    im not sure if yours is compatible with the driver.

    you might want to also try:

    Thinkyhead > TabletMagic

    Please let me know if this works for you! And if it does, please send me the other tablet. haha. thanks!

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    Hey bebemunchies, thanks for the reply...

    I downloaded both of the things you suggested and sadly still had no luck.

    I guess I'm just gonna sell the tablets on eBay and try and get a USB one instead.

    Thanks for the help though!

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