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    Photo Hosting Sites?
    Here's my situation, Im looking for a photo hosting site that allows me to upload photo's to albums of some sort and password protect these albums. I've been using my own website for all my work previously but Im now wanting to upload personal pictures (we're having a baby) so relatives out of the area can see them, I would just really like it if they were somehow pasworded.

    I would also really really like it if there was a mac compatable upload tool like what flickr or picasa has.

    I want it to be something where family members don't have to join the site to get access. I suppose I could just go pay for a smugmug account but I'd really prefer something free.

    Any advice? or am I just too greedy?

    Thanks all!

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    Photo Hosting Sites?
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    Have you checked out photobucket?

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    Yeah Im currently on photobucket as well. I'd just like a nice easy bulk upload tool that resides on my computer, not a web tool, that can pull pictures straight from iphoto. I love the one picasa has but you can't password protect galleries in picasa.

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    Photo Hosting Sites?
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    Can't you limit who has access to photos on flickr?

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    I got the impression with flickr that you could only limit it with other site members, I am trying to avoid using a site that requires the other "allowed" people to join, I want to just email a link and a password (I'll be sending these to relatives that are elderly and not computer savy at all, I want to make it as easy as possible)

    I may have to just bite the bullet and buy a smugmug account.

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    Found it!

    I pretty much found what I was looking for at shutterfly, they allow unlimited uploads and have a gallery feature simmilar to smugmug where you can create a gallery web page and password protect access to that page, they also have an easy iphoto plugin.... and the service is free!

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