It's no pain, all gains with this $256 savings on a NordicTrack dumbbell set. Check out this offer and more in our roundup of the five best deals we found over the last 24 hours.

Top Fitness Deal
NordicTrack SpeedWeight 12.5-lb. Adjustable Dumbbell Set
Store: Walmart
Price: $139.99
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $256 The gym may be mostly off-limits these days, but that doesn't mean you're off the hook as far as exercise goes. So while your biceps may start feeling the burn as soon as you start putting this dumbbell set to work, you won't be burning unnecessary cash – it's an enormous $256 less than you'd pay directly from NordicTrack. Speaking of weight, bassist Jeff Ament sure throws his around on A Quick Escape, the third single from Pearl Jam's new album Gigaton, out now.
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Top Special Occasion Deal
Cheryl's Cookies National Doctor's Day
Store: Cheryl's
Price: from $25
Shipping: Free 2-day shipping via code "BESTDR"
Expiration: March 30 There's nothing sweeter than showing a little gratitude, but these cookies are presumably almost as sweet, and also, they're tangible and edible, so they probably win on a technicality. What I'm saying is, given the circumstances, being grateful to your favorite doctor on National Doctor's Day is one thing – but as the saying goes: "A cookie a day keeps the doctor happily eating cookies", and why wouldn't you want that? Almost as sweet is the Stone Gossard ballad Buckle Up (at least if you don't pay much attention to the lyrics), the best song from Pearl Jam's new album, Gigaton, out now.
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Top Networking Deal
Google Nest WiFi Router Snow + Point w/ $30 Kohl's Cash
Store: Kohl's
Price: $199
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $30 There's something both comforting and overbearing in Google's promise to "blanket your whole home in strong, reliable WiFi" – both reassuring and infantilizing. Is... Is Google our mom? The answer is yes. And there's definitely a "yo momma" joke to be made from the fact that each router covers up to 2200 square feet. (Sorry.) Hopefully it means that your internet signal no longer Comes Then Goes, unlike Eddie Vedder's poignant acoustic ballad on Gigaton, out now.
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Top TV Deal
LG 49" 4K HDR UHD Smart TV w/ $50 Dell Gift Card
Store: Dell Home
Price: $337
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $33 You'll bag a $30 Dell gift card with this TV, which you can hopefully put to use on another deal. In the meantime, you're getting the LG 49UM7300PUA, about which RTings said "If you need a basic TV with good performance, though, the UM7300 is a good option". In other words, it's "Alright", much like the kalimba-tinged fifth track on Pearl Jam's Gigaton, out now.
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Top Kitchen Deal
Home Essentials Double Beverage Dispenser
Store: Belk
Price: $30
Shipping: Free shipping
Lowest By: $10 While Eddie Vedder claims to "feed 'em drinks just to watch 'em drown" in Who Ever Said, the rollicking lead track on Gigaton, out now, your reasons for serving up delicious beverages will hopefully be more benevolent. Saving $30 on this item's list price (and $10 compared to buying something similar elsewhere) is the furthest thing from life giving you lemons, but you can still make a gigaton of lemonade. Each dispenser has a 1-gallon capacity and an iron stand.
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