If you're looking for a way to keep yourself distracted, we've got five free options, including a huge range of streaming shows and movies from Sling. Check out this offer and more in our roundup of the five best deals we found over the last 48 hours.

Top TV Streaming Deal
Stay In & Sling
Price: Free Let's focus on the Gordon Ramsay shows to start with (six seasons of Kitchen Nightmares and 16 seasons of Hell's Kitchen): if we assign every episode an approximate runtime of 40 minutes, that adds up to over 215 hours of good yelling content. Let's assume that we're all sleeping for eight hours a day, doing other tasks for six hours, and have a generous ten hours a day to spend binge-watching... you could spend the next three weeks just watching those two shows, straight through. I've also now run out of room to talk about anything else that's streaming, but there's lots of stuff.
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Top PC Game Deal
The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition
Store: Steam
Price: Free
Expiration: March 23 GDC and E3 may be off the table, but nothing comes between a PC gamer and their free games. Steam is offering a huge selection of demos from the indie devs that were counting on some convention publicity. We're most intrigued by Superliminal, which is a Portal-esque puzzler that plays with perspective, Neon Noodles, which charges you with creating an efficient food factory production line, Carrion, which casts you as The Monster in a monster movie, and Eldest Souls, which is a Dark Souls-inspired boss rush.
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Top Cute Deal
San Diego Zoo Live Animal Cams
Price: Free The internet is nothing if not a giant archive of funny animal videos, so it only makes sense that when we all need a little distraction, we turn to the live feed. San Diego Zoo gives you live footage of elephants, apes, giraffes, penguins, and plenty more, as well as archived footage of pandas who were recently returned to their homeland.

Also, please remember these creatures once we're all back to our normal lives, and perhaps make a donation to the WWF or a similar organization. We are not the only species in crisis.
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Top App Deal
Calm "Take A Deep Breath" Content
Price: Free While distractions are all well and good (and disturbing), it's useful to have a healthy way to center yourself. That's what the Calm app aids to provide, through a mix of guided meditations, sleep stories, music and soundscapes, yoga exercises, journaling prompts, and more. There's a 37-minute Lindsey Stirling song I've just started playing, I'll report back when it's over, if I'm still conscious.
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Top Screen-sharing Deal
Netflix Party
Price: Free If you're missing the joys of having a group over to watch the latest Netflix Adam Sandler movie, I guarantee you that no one else is. But for everything else, you can use Netflix Party to recreate those joys – just install the extension, start up a video, then grab a URL for everyone else to join. It's only for Chrome browsers for now, so Firefox and Opera loyalists have a choice to make, but everyone else can get right back to having extended conversations about what to watch before eventually just putting on an above-average episode of Friends.
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