Save big at Dell with some great discounts on a bunch of gaming desktops and laptops, while there's also huge savings to be had on bulk shirt purchases. Check out this offer, learn a few things about Keanu Reeves, and more in our roundup of the five best deals we found over the last 24 hours.

Top Computer Deal
Dell Home Gaming PC Sale
Store: Dell Home
Discount: from $651
Shipping: Free shipping Sometimes the virtual worlds of games are a lot more appealing than the real world, and a healthy dose of transportive escapism can do wonders for your state of mind in particularly trying times. Dell can help you out there now, with this selection of gaming laptops and desktops, some discounted by several hundred dollars. There's a good variety on offer here from the low range to the high so you'll likely find something here that suits your gaming needs.

Tangentially related Keanu Reeves fact: Did you know Keanu Reeves appeared in Fortnite as popular assassin John Wick last year? Interestingly, the year before that, the game featured a knockoff John Wick so fans were delighted when developers Epic Games were able to eventually secure the real deal.
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Top Apparel Item
Croft & Barrow Men's Dress Shirts
Store: Kohl's
Price: $50
Shipping: Pickup
Lowest By: $152
Expiration: March 23 "Dress for success" they say. Some folks would have you believe that wearing a shirt is a sign of success and if you subscribe to this theory well then, buckle up. Kohl's are offering a total of six shirts for $50 with a nice $10 gift card thrown in there as well. You'll save $152 when all is said and done and end up paying a mere $7 per shirt. A successful savings to be sure.

Tangentially related Keanu fact: Further bolstering the notion of dressing for success, here we find Keanu, a man of many successes over his 40 year career. At the center of this success right now, we find John Wick, a man known not only for his ability to stylishly dispatch evil doers but also look great whilst doing so, in an array of very well fitted suits (and shirts).
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Top Automotive Deal
Automotive Items at Walmart
Store: Walmart
Discount: Up to 40% off
Shipping: Free shipping w/ $35 You'll find a huge array of automative items on sale here from tires to audio systems. If you've been thinking of decking out your ride with a needlessly bassy subwoofer, now might be the time. For once, motorcycle users haven't been forgotten and there's even the likes of helmets on offer as well. Pickup is the preferred option here or you'll get free shipping with the standard Walmart $35 minimum.

Tangentially related Keanu fact: Did you know that the casting of Keanu in 1994's bus thriller Speed was met with some degree of trepidation at the time? Never doubt Keanu…unless you're casting him in a vampire movie, in which case there might be some cause for alarm.
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Top Kitchen Deal
Martha Stewart Cutting Board
Store: Macy's
Price: $17.43
Shipping: In-store pickup or free shipping w/ $25
Lowest By: $27 As the old saying goes, a knife is only as good as the cutting board you use it with. True or not, this Martha Stewart Collection cutting board is nicely discounted at $27 off. It measures 16.4" x 11" and is made from acacia wood. You can pad your order over $25 to bag free shipping, or opt for in-store pickup. The choice is yours. (Much like Neo's choice of the red or blue pill.)

Tangentially related Keanu fact: Speaking of The Matrix, did you know The Matrix 4 is due to be released next year on the very same day as John Wick 4? May 21st 2021, a truly momentous date to look forward to.
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Best Apparel Sale
Eddie Bauer Clearance
Store: Eddie Bauer
Discount: Extra 60% off
Shipping: Free shipping w/ $99
Expiration: March 17 Long has speculation run wild as to whether Eddie Bauer has any kind relation to Jack Bauer and we can exclusively reveal today that we are in no position to provide a definitive answer of any kind. What we can say though, is that this is the best deal on clearance items we've ever seen here so now is the time to get your men's, women's, and kids' outerwear. You'll be graced with free shipping should you pass the $99 threshold.

Tangentially related Keanu fact: Keanu probably wore some Eddie Bauer-ish outerwear as part of his performance in 1991's criminal surfer action flick Point Break. I distinctly recall watching this movie on a scratched DVD in France sometime around summer 2005. Unfortunately the disc was damaged to the point of me not being able to finish it so if someone in the comments could fill me in on the last 15 minutes that'd be great.
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