Black Friday is one of the only times we expect to see good prices on Apple products. Usually, Apple Black Friday deals don't come from Apple itself, but from other retailers like Best Buy or B&H Photo Video.
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Interested in buying an Apple device for less? Check out our guide to Apple Black Friday discounts!
The Best Apple Black Friday Deals in 2019

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Apple Store Black Friday Deals

  • Get gift cards worth up to $200

Apple Black Friday iPad Deals

  • New Apple iPads will be as cheap as $300
  • Apple iPad Pro could fall to $650
  • Apple iPad mini 5 prices will hit $325

Apple Black Friday iPhone Deals

  • Expect Apple iPhone deals on older models
  • Snag hefty gift cards with new and older Apple iPhones
  • Save more when you buy multiple iPhones

Apple Watch Black Friday Deals

  • Bundle the Apple Watch Series 5 to save big
  • Apple Watch Series 4 models could hit $299
  • Don't expect any discounts on the Apple Watch Hermès line

Apple TV Black Friday Deals

  • Shop Apple TV 4K from $139
  • Older Apple TV models will cost $109 or less
  • Watch for Apple TVs to be bundled with Apple TV+

Apple Black Friday MacBook Deals

  • Apple will bundle MacBooks with gift cards and services
  • Don't expect discounts on the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Apple Black Friday HomePod Deals

  • New Apple HomePod will be $249 or less
  • Refurbished HomePods will fall under $200

Apple Store Black Friday Deals Preview

Expect Apple Gift Cards Worth Up to $200

If you're planning to hit the Apple Store on Black Friday, you should know that Apple isn't known for its Black Friday deals. However, if the Apple Store brings back last year's deal, you can expect to receive a shiny new gift card with select purchases. In 2018, the offered value went as high as $200. If you're a serious Apple fan, you'll have no trouble spending that gift card!

Apple Black Friday iPad Deals Preview

Get a New Apple iPad From $300

Apple released the seventh generation iPad in September, and earlier this year, the tech giant finally updated the iPad Air and iPad mini to the third and fifth generations, respectively. New iterations of the iPad Pro debuted in 2018, too. During Black Friday 2018, we were already seeing decent deals on the newest iPad models — we expect more of the same in 2019.
We expect Black Friday sales to drop the 32GB iPad price by at least $29, making it $300.
We saw preorders for the 128GB version of the latest iPad go for $400, which was a $29 discount off the 10.2" model's starting price. We expect Black Friday sales to drop the 32GB iPad price by at least $29, as well, making it $300 or lower. The still-new 2018 iPad Pro could also see a price drop; we expect the 11" model to fall to $650. The 12.9" iPad Pro will likely see more modest discounts — though there's a chance it could fall to $799, like it did in September.
Apple iPad mini 5 Price Could Go Below $325

Although the iPad mini 5 was just released in March 2019, we've already seen decent discounts for it. By August, the price of the iPad mini 5 dropped to $323. So it's reasonable to expect the cost to be around $325 — if not lower — by the time Black Friday rolls around.

Apple Black Friday iPhone Deals Preview

Expect Apple iPhone Deals on Older Models

In 2018, Apple unexpectedly discontinued the iPhone X, which had only been out for a year. Once it introduced the Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max this September, it did the same thing to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Look for these previous-gen models to be discounted for Black Friday 2019. After all, we still routinely see deals on the older iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 7 models, often as refurbished units. Just don't count on the discounts coming from Apple.
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One previous-gen phone Apple is keeping around is the iPhone XR. Don't expect serious discounts on this handset for Black Friday, however, as Apple recently dropped the starting price from $749 to $599.
Snag Hefty Gift Cards With iPhone Purchases

When buying both new and older iPhones this Black Friday, you may be able to snag hefty gift cards. Last year, Walmart offered a $400 gift card with the purchase of an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, and a $300 gift card with the then-new iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Note that these offers were valid in-store only and required qualified activation.
Save More When You Buy Multiple iPhones

While we've seen Black Friday bring gift card offers like these — plus "buy one, get one free" deals from Verizon for the latest iPhones — many shoppers like to buy unlocked models. If you want an unlocked iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max, then expect only modest price drops — say, up to $50 off Apple's price. As for the more-affordable iPhone 11, your cheapest bet may be one of those gift card or BOGO deals.

Apple Watch Black Friday Deals Preview

Bundle the Apple Watch Series 5 to Save Big

The Apple Watch Series 5 came out in September, and if Black Friday 2018 is any indication, the smartwatch will receive a modest discount this November. Last year, we saw the then-new Apple Watch Series 4 go down to $385 from its $399 starting price. You can expect a bigger discount if you buy the Series 5 in a bundle. During its Black Friday sale last year, Verizon cut $150 off the Series 4 when you bought an iPhone with it.
Last year, Verizon cut $150 off the Apple Watch Series 4 when you bought an iPhone.
Apple Watch Series 4 Could Hit $299

Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 4 last year, and we've already seen discounts of $75 off thanks to Prime Day. The smartwatch was discontinued in September, so we expect even bigger savings for Black Friday. Look for the Series 4 to dip down to $299 and possibly come bundled with gift cards. As for the Apple Watch Series 3, Apple cut the starting price to $199 in September. We're expecting those models to cost as little as $179 this Black Friday.
Don't Expect Discounts on Hermès Apple Watch

Bad news if you're eyeing the Hermès line of Apple Watches: don't expect any Black Friday discounts at all. Historically, luxury Apple Watches have never seen impressive price drops. So don't count on retailers slashing that $1,249 price tag.

Apple TV Black Friday Deals Preview

Apple TV 4K Will Start at $139

Apple TV is already one of the cheaper products that Apple offers, and it's becoming more affordable all the time. We expect the Apple TV 4K to hit $139 this Black Friday season. And if you don't care about 4K, there's a chance the Apple TV HD models — which start at $149 normally — could drop as low as $109.
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Apple TV Will Be Bundled With Apple TV+

In September, Apple began offering a bundle that includes an Apple TV unit and a 1-year subscription to the new streaming service Apple TV+, which will debut on November 1. The company is bundling subscriptions with more than just a new Apple TV player, too; you'll also get a free year of Apple TV+ when you purchase an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Apple will no doubt be looking to push its new service, so we expect this deal to continue through Black Friday.

Apple Black Friday MacBook Deals Preview

Apple Will Bundle MacBooks With Gift Cards

On the Apple website, the only MacBooks you can buy now are MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. As such, some of the best deals we've seen this year are regular MacBooks from 2017. You won't find any superpowered models here, but a previous-gen MacBook should be fine for anyone who doesn't have heavy graphics demands.
Apple bundled select MacBooks, iMacs, and the Mac Pro with $200 gift cards last year.
For example, we saw a 12" Apple MacBook with an Intel Kaby Lake Core m3 CPU for $799 in March. Only two months later, the same model could be found for $800 and that included a 3-month subscription to Apple Music.
Apple is notorious for rarely offering deals on its devices. Even when it has a Black Friday sale, the promotion tends to be unremarkable. For instance, during last year's 4-day Apple Black Friday sale, you could get gift cards when you paid regular price for a number of devices. As we mentioned above, the highest gift card amount was $200. It was bundled with the most expensive purchases — that is, select MacBooks, iMacs, and the Mac Pro.
But there is good news if you decide to buy directly from Apple: you should receive a free year of Apple TV+ when you purchase a new Mac. Just don't expect any discounts to go along with this offer.

Apple Black Friday HomePod Deals Preview

New Apple HomePods Will Be $249 or Less

Apple is still riding the smart speaker train with its first-generation HomePod. For Black Friday 2018, the lowest we saw this device drop was to $250, and we've already seen it hit $269 this year. We wouldn't be surprised to see these first-gen HomePods at $250 again, and there's a chance they could even fall to $239.
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Refurbished HomePods Will Fall Under $200

If you don't care about grabbing a new model, you'll save even more by opting for an open-box or refurbished HomePod. Those units hit $199 last Black Friday and have already gone for $199 this year. Because of that, we definitely expect pre-owned HomePods to drop under $200 for Black Friday 2019.

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