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    This Week in Apps: App trends from 2019, Pinterest tops Snapchat, Disney+ hits No. 1 in Q4

    Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the Extra Crunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support and the money that flows through

    OneMoreThing... Today, 11:40 AM Go to last post

    New mac constantly beachballs

    I stopped using that in 2015 because that never remedy anything and was confusing.
    i cant find that option or program on my macbook air now.

    MBAmtloin Today, 11:33 AM Go to last post


    Softonic most certainly is not a part of iTunes. You may have some adware on your system. Download DetectX (see my signature) and see what it turns up.

    Lifeisabeach Today, 11:24 AM Go to last post


    Hello once again, trouble here with a 'reminder tag' for 'two notifications' on Softonic; it has only been happening these last seven to ten days, it

    sllewk Today, 11:05 AM Go to last post

    Mail 12.4.

    I believe I corrected it. The blank space, in Prefs, above my email Signature was a different font so when I would put my cursor in that blank space,

    Barrygou Today, 10:59 AM Go to last post