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    Help getting in to my own account
    I am borrowing my wife's email (with her permission, of course) because I have tried repeatedly to post a question or two (on the forum which shows up in my email inbox weekly) and receive answers. Apparently I am not allowed to get in via my email address because it's already registered, but every password I have tried (including of course the passwords I've have stored on Safari et al.) doesn't work.

    I receive the weekly forum -- doubled, as it turns out. In fact, when I logged in to Nancy's new account, I got TWO identical postings, including at precisely the same clock time.

    Let me know what I should now do in order to use my own account to ask my own questions. This question has been, of course, one of those questions. (Nancy is a confirmed MS/Google/Android user but gives me access to her email.). Thanks...

    Nancy's husband

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    Help getting in to my own account
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    I've sent this to the admins to fix this for you.

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