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    Mac-Forums Newsletter Information
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod View Post
    Good idea, thanks Charlie. I really didn't want to hijack Patricks topic.

    +1. No problem Rod, and not really hijacked because it is all good useful information.

    - Patrick

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    Mac-Forums Newsletter Information
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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post

    The Newsletter subscription is located at the top of the opening page, "Articles" in bold Red. Click on "Articles" and it opens another page which on the right side is Subscribe to our Newsletter.
    I see "Articles" on the home page, but it's in bold white (not red), but on a red background.
    Is that what you mean or am I missing another "Articles" link on the web page?

    When I click on the "Articles in white on a red background, I get a blank page - it says transferring data from, but that transfer never seems to complete.

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    Mac-Forums Newsletter Information
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    "Articles" should be in bolded white with a red background at the top of this page. Clicking on that will take you to where the subscription to the Newsletter was once there. It's no longer there now that we have a new ownership.

    We are currently working (Admins and Mods) to have the Newsletter subscription available for all members. We will let you know when it's available to the membership.

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