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    Quote Originally Posted by krs View Post
    Please don't hijack this thread.
    This thread is specifically to follow up on a suggestion that was made a while back to create a Q&A section on topics related to this forum.
    I am not hijacking this thread. Don't be so narrow minded. As it is, look at the post made by Skydude directly after yours. It looks like such an area exists here.

    Also, note my reply to chscap below. Another supportive post. And I did make sure to say Thnak You, somethong you have a problem doing.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    That's what our Lounge forum is for. You are certainly welcome to start a discussion there about your favorite movies, TV series, or even your favorite Windows computer.

    We do ask that you not post political and religious discussions, opinions, and other sensitive controversial topics. Just use good common sense.
    Thanks. And I certainly understand the rules, restrictions, etc. As you state, just use common sense. And one of my tag lines is directly equivalent to that: Go along, and we'll get along.

    Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    And... please don't moderate. That's not for you to do. If we feel a thread is drifting off topic or has been hijacked we will take care of it.
    Thanks, chscag, for that post. Looks like krs does not want to "Go along, and we'll get along". And as you so eloquently put it, "Just use common sense". Obviously some folks cannot do that.

    Thanks again.

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    Is there any progress to set up a Q&A area in this forum?
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    Neutral corners gentlemen. Let's not have this thread go "off the rails into the ditch" so to speak.

    Going forward let's keep the comments related to the question of whether we need an FAQ section.
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    Is there any progress to set up a Q&A area in this forum?
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    Questions asked and answered. Another thread closed with useless bickering. SIGH!

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