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    Private thread to staff

    I know this is not available to regular members.

    I do not have anything against the forum or the forum staff. I have been discussing this with Slydude, I did not mean it as a criticism in any way. The reason I posted that this group was dead was because the group wasn't very active... and I like this forum, and would have liked it be more active.

    I do however understand if you intend it merely as a backup for the forums, rather than a general chatroom. I think getting banned from the forums/facebook group was slightly OTT, a better way to handle the situation would have been to state the purpose. I would have respected this, that would have been the end of the discussion. I really like this forum and community.

    I do think it's important to be open to feedback, not be offended by the feedback. I am sorry if I did not said it a bit bluntly, I am not trying to excuse any past behaviour for this, but I wanted to reveal I have autism, I can be a bit blunt at times and I've often been misunderstood but please do not take this personally. There is often a difference in intention and how something comes across I wish I had a chance to explain myself.

    I will admit, I also think, I will be honest, that I think temporary bans are a better way to handle situations rather than temporarily quiet mode. Firstly, the member may not realise, I have however noticed because I have been in this mode many times before (although the motives for that may have been different, but no need to get into that). Secondly, a member could be annoyed if they help members and then realise their posts are not valued. It could make members feel under-appreciated. It is however up to you. I am not the admin though

    I apologise for any offence caused. I do not think that quiet mode is the ideal approach however, I was not trying to cause an argument. I am not sure but I believe that my past is being held as a grudge.
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