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Well, coming in late to this thread, but I have a few comments: 1) those who claim that they don't care about the 'reputation system' and post are likely wanting to be acknowledged - just my feeling; 2) the restriction of not being able to give a 'reputation' to a member is too long - i.e. this should be shorten in some fashion; and 3) many posters seem to be 'unaware' of the reputation system and have no idea on how to enhance one's contribution - this needs to be addressed; I don't know how but just saying - Dave
For me, chiming in on a thread is about helping someone else as much as it is possibly learning new stuff myself. I honestly couldn't care less about earning "points" or whatever, but I do take an interest in understanding the problem and whether or not I was able to help solve it. This learning cycle helps me help myself down the road, and I can also tell other folks with a similar problem "Here's something that I know helped some folks out..." if I get the feedback that I was able to help in the past.