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Thread: Facebook Group

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    Facebook Group
    Hello, all

    I was thinking of creating a Facebook group, To discuss & share latest news, (In a different experience) etc.

    Just wanted your opinion.

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    Not worth it.

    This forum discusses and shares. No benefit to a Facebook group doing the same thing.

    Just my .02

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    Facebook Group
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    and put up with all of the spam and rubbish about Macs which would accompany such a group, I dont think it would be helpful
    Mac is like a car, keep clean and up to date and it will give you many hours of good driving

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    Facebook Group
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    Hi Psim0n,

    It does sound interesting in theory! But what the others have mentioned have valid points.

    And I'd rather not line the pockets of Mark Zuckerburgerbunhotdog with anymore money than he needs.

    Thanks for the suggestion, we are always open to them!

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